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Maths Matters Resources


This subscription website for teachers of 5 – 12 year old students contains a huge collection of quality mathematics activities, photographs and graphics, all carefully sorted and sequenced for efficient use in your maths sessions. The activities are easy-to-use, student-centred and match the latest Australian curriculum requirements. Anyone can browse the range, but with a yearly subscription you can then easily access the files and images to use in your maths lesson planning.

As a teacher, you’ll be able to use these resources in your classroom as allowed under the Copyright Act.  New resources are added regularly so make sure you check the site often. Click on a front page picture or the horizontal menu bar to find the exact resources you want. It’s that easy.

All the colours for the borders, headings and buttons come from this Nautilus Shell, the Maths Matters Resources symbol.

Subscription Costs

Computerman1 - John Duffield duffield-design

The annual subscription costs for Maths Matters Resources are:

  • Pre-Service Teacher $40 AUD
  • Individual $50 AUD
  • Small School with up to 150 students $150 AUD
  • Whole School with up to 300 students $300 AUD
  • Whole School with more than 300 students $450 AUD

If you have an individual subscription, please don’t share downloads from Maths Matters Resources with your colleagues but encourage them to subscribe themselves. Or, if you work at a school, your school may find it easier to take out a Whole School subscription. Every teacher can then easily access the files and graphics using only one USERNAME and one PASSWORD.

If you are not already a subscriber, you can register here.

Bev Dunbar: Director Maths Matters

Bev Dunbar

Bev Dunbar creates the mathematics activities and photographs for Maths Matters Resources. Bev is a highly respected mathematics educator with more than 40 years experience with students, student teachers, parents and teachers. Bev has worked as a Primary Maths Adviser in both government and non-government education systems in Australia and as a Lecturer in Mathematics Education at the University of Sydney and the Australian Catholic University. In the past, Bev also worked with LEGO Dacta and over 70 000 students at the world’s first LEGO classroom outside of Denmark, at Birkenhead Point, Sydney. Bev established her consultancy business, Maths Matters, in 1996. Author of 32 quality educational resource books used by teachers all over the world, Bev is dedicated to helping you create memorable, enjoyable real-life mathematics experiences for your students. Her website helps you contribute to raising numeracy standards across Australia and the world.

In another life, Bev recreates medieval paintings in her medieval art studio, The Gilded Image. You can see examples of her work at The Gilded Image.

John Duffield: Creative Director Maths Matters

Duffy 2

John Duffield from Duffield-Design creates the illustrations for Maths Matters Resources and helps with the mathematics photographs. He is better known as “Duffy” and has a crazy sense of humour. Trained as a sculptor, Duffy was Chief Model Designer for LEGO UK and later LEGO Australia. In this role he designed huge 3D LEGO models for travelling world shows and giant Christmas window displays in both Britain and Australia. In 1985, Duffy designed the 15.1 metre LEGO Tower built at Waterloo Station for the Guinness Book of Records. It was made from over 100 000 LEGO bricks. Duffy conducted the initial research which led to the establishment of LEGO Theme Parks throughout the world. In addition, he has designed large themed landscapes and attractions throughout China and the Middle East. As “Chief Fantasist” for our Maths Matters Resources website, Duffy hopes to inject fun and colour into your classrooms so your students remember and love their mathematics sessions.

Our Maths Photographs

Mangoes Bev Dunbar Maths Matters Mangoes copy

Bev is passionate about bringing real-life experiences into your mathematics classroom. You’ll find 1000s of Maths Photographs here with real-life links to make mathematics meaningful to your students, leading to deeper understanding of the concepts you want them to understand. No other site has such an extensive, ordered collection of suitable photographs to trigger your imagination. Although at first the mathematics may not be obvious, think about how each photo might link to different sub-strands.

A box of mangoes, for example, conjures up estimating and counting, calculating the price for 5 mangoes at $2.75 each, or working out the mass of 1 mango and estimating the mass of a box of 20.  The possibilities are endless. How can each photograph be used to create a real-life maths problem?

The photographs are all copyright but available under the Copyright Act for you to use as a subscriber when teaching. They cannot be used for any commercial purpose.

Our Maths Graphics

Bird - Currawong - John Duffield duffield-design

The Maths Graphics in Maths Matters Resources are all drawn by John Duffield. They range from colourful people, creatures and objects to number characters, numbers and symbols. Your students will love interacting with Duffy’s imaginative mind. There are also special maths graphics collections for Fractions, Place Value, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics and Probability. These graphics bring real-life to your activities, task cards, posters, smartboard ideas, or powerpoint presentations.

Copy and paste our images to create multiple images to use for addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. Of course you may also find them useful for more than just Mathematics. Perhaps you’ll use them to create a special class reading poster or as the stimulus for some creative writing.

The graphics are all copyright but available for you to use as a subscriber under the Copyright Act when teaching. They cannot be used for any other commercial purpose.

Lucy Humphrey: Technical Drawing and 3D Models

Lucy 1

Lucy Humphrey creates the technical drawings for our Maths Matters Resources website. This means your students can now access precision examples of 2D shapes, 3D objects, and 3D viewpoints to deepen and extend their mathematical understanding. Lucy is an avid traveller who contributes photographs from all over the world to the Maths Matters Resources collection.

Lucy is an outstanding young architect who established her own practice, Lucy Humphrey Studio in 2009. In 2011 she co-founded Archrival, a non-profit organisation uniting the creative community to reshape modes of architecture and experimental design practice. Lucy represented Australia at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale (see Arena Calcetto by Archrival).

Lucy is also an award winning sculptor. Her beautiful creation, Alchemy, won the Site Specific Prize at Sculpture by the Sea in 2009. In 2013 Lucy was the first artist to win both the People’s Choice and Kid’s Choice Awards at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, for her magnificent work, Horizon. Her huge 1.6 m diameter acrylic sphere, Horizon, also features in this wonderful timelapse video. Lucy also won the People’s Choice Prize at the 2015 Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Arhus, Denmark for a second Horizon sculpture. She contributes regularly to sculptural installations all over Sydney. Horizon was also exhibited at the inaugural Sculpture at Barangaroo in August 2016.

Amy Carter: Graphic Design

MMR Amy Carter

Amy Carter is the youngest member of our team. She is our Graphic Designer extra-ordinaire. To bring out the mathematics more effectively, many of the photographs in this website are better used in overlapping multiples. For example in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division activities. As part of her design brief, Amy removes the background from these photographs and “isolates’ the main objects for us. This improves their flexibility and your creative possibilities. Amy then saves these photographs as pngs (portable network graphics), so they keep their transparent backgrounds.

Amy is also an outstanding photographer and regularly contributes photographs to the Maths Matters Resources website collection. You can also see her amazing aluminium furniture designs at  AL13 Custom Aluminium Furniture

Amy is now the proud mother of baby Max.