Problem Solving & Questioning

Challenge your students to think mathematically

  • This section will have suggestions for effective problem solving activities across all 17 substrands of the primary mathematics curriculum.
  • Although of relevance for classroom teachers, this section will be especially helpful for the Mathematics Co-ordinators or the Maths Improvement Team at your school.
  • It’s still a work in progress so keep checking in to see what’s new.
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Years F/1/2 and General Info

  • Key Problem Solving Strategies POSTER

  • Observing a MATHS SESSION Questioning Checklist

  • In my Mathematics Sessions I will

  • Cover Me F1 Area ACMMG037

  • F1234567 3D Space Open Questions

  • Maths-Substrand-Checklist

Grades 3/4

  • IMPROVE Questions for problem solving

  • Mystery 4-digit Numbers ACMNA073

  • Possible Position Dogs Instructions plus SET 1 CLUES ACMMG010 ACMMG023

  • Possible Position Dogs SET 2 CLUES ACMMG010 ACMMG023

  • Sam Simon Sally Writing Challenge Y34

  • Sam Simon Sally sample strategies questions

  • What is it 2D 3D open questions Y34

  • Naughty Kittens Y34 Addition

  • How many eggs Y34 Addition

  • Chocolates Y34 Multiplication

  • Licorice Allsorts Y34 Money

  • How many cups Y34 Mult Div

  • Wrap me up Y34 Surface Area ACMMG290

  • Wrap me up GRID Squares

  • Sunflower Maths Sprouts Teacher Instructions ACMMG084

  • Sunflower Maths Sprouts Activity Cards ACMMG084

Grades 5/6/7

  • Scones Y56 Proportional Reasoning

  • Magic Hexagon 1 – 24 Number Puzzle

  • Problem Solving in the Australian Maths Classroom Judy Anderson

  • MASS This and That – problem solving 567

  • Mashed Potato Y567 Mass & Money

  • That equals Y567 Add Subtract

  • The next number in this pattern is Y567 Number

  • AREA Match my surface area Y56 ACMMG109

  • TIME Two Clocks Challenge Y567 ACMMG085

  • TIME What’s the date? Y567 ACMMG086

  • TIME MULTIPLY MONEY Boatshed Renovations ACMNA100 ACMNA101 ACMMG110 ACMNA123