Programming Ideas

One of the keys to success in Maths

  • This section can help you structure your Maths Program effectively, based on the latest research in Maths Education from across the world. 
  • You’ll also find examples of Term Overviews for each class from F – Year 6, based on the realistic time available within four 10 week terms each year. We suggest you plan one main sub-strand focus for each week, rather than teaching a mix of Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry or Statistics & Probability.
  • This section is still a work in progress, but we plan to have as many examples as we can to assist you in finding easy and effective ways to program quality maths experiences for your students.
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Number & Algebra

Measurement & Geometry

  • Length Year 1 Sample Program

  • Length Year 3 Sample Program

  • Length Year 5 Sample Program

General Program Info

  • Programming in Mathematics (12 slides) PPT

  • Our top 5 Programming Concerns Staff Meeting Handout

  • Sample Weekly Program Proformas

  • Data and P&A Program Summary Proforma

  • Mental Warm-ups Program Summary Proforma

  • Using the Sample Term Overviews

  • Sample Term Overview Proformas

  • Reflecting on your Term Overviews

  • Term Overview Workshop Cards

  • Sample Term Overviews F-6

  • How to differentiate Staff Meeting Discussion handout