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2D SHAPES PHOTOGRAPHS – Bali geometric ceromonial decorations

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Just back from a delightful 2 week holiday to Ubud, Bali. The ceremonial decorations there are almost overwhelming in both their beauty and their construction. Most are made from strips of palm leaves, a few staples and “toothpicks”.

You can try to create some of your own using coloured paper squares. Most are rotation patterns, made from repeating a cut out palm leaf shape. Let your students’ imaginations run wild.

The Balinese also use these decorations as part of their ceremonial dances. You can find these photographs in 2D Patterns Photographs and also 3D Objects Photographs.

Geometric decorations with Bali Dancers Ubud Bev Dunbar Maths Matters8 pointed Star Decoration Ubud Bali Bev Dunbar Maths Matters