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Exploring Calculators

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Exploring Calculators is part of the Exploring Maths series for teachers of 5 – 7 year old students. Calculators are an inexpensive, fun tool for mathematical discovery in our classrooms. Young students no longer need to be limited by the size of numbers they can manipulate. They can appreciate the joys of exploring a wide range of maths concepts and patterns at an early age. The focus is on mathematical thinking & problem-solving, not just the mechanics of calculation. There are over 60 exciting teaching ideas for developing skills in estimation, whole number, addition & subtraction in particular. Although free exploration & discovery is encouraged, there are sets of 8 activity cards for structured activities for pairs, small groups or even the whole class, all written in clear, easy-to-understand language. Activities range from just pressing buttons to see what happens through to more complex number crunching. Your students will love trying “Press and Guess”, “Calculator detectives” or “Beat the Calculator”.

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