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Exploring Numeration 0 – 100

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Exploring Numeration 0 – 100 is part of the Exploring Maths series of teacher resources for teachers of 5 – 7 year old students. This 94 page book contains over 60 ideas to help you maximise the way your students build up their knowledge of our Base 10 counting system. The focus is on groups of 10 and extras. To help your students work independently and think mathematically, the activities are as open-ended and flexible as possible. And you can cater for a wide ability range in your class. One group may be exploring numbers to 20, while a second group explores numbers to 99. A third group may be exploring numbers beyond 100.  For example, your students will love to try “Mental Mind Munchers”, “Catch the Ants” or “Win a Shark”.

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