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Exploring Operations 0 – 100

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Exploring Operations 0 – 100 is part of the Exploring Maths series of teacher resources for teachers of 5 – 7 year old students. This 94 page book contains over 50 ideas for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with whole numbers to 100. To help your students work independently and think mathematically, the activities are as open-ended and flexible as possible. And you can cater for a wide ability range in your class. One group may be memorising number facts to 20, while a second group is using these facts in a game. A third group may be exploring more formal sums and differences to 50. One group may even be exploring with sums and differences to 100 and beyond. For example, your students will love to try “Frog Facts”, “Caterpillars” or “Beat the Clock”.

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