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GEOMETRY – 3D OBJECTS – What 3D Object am I?

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We live in a beautiful 3D world and your students need to explore, talk about, describe and sort 3D objects – real life ones, whenever possible. But they also need to interact with photographs, pictures and diagrams of 3D objects too. These 3 new activities, What 3D Object am I ? and What 3D Object am I? PICTURE CARDS and Sorting 3D Objects for your Stage 1 students provide photocopiable resources using photographs and diagrams for pairs and small groups to use over and over again. They can close their eyes while a partner reads out some verbal clues. Can they visualise which object is being described? Or can they give their own verbal description based on just looking at a diagram of a 3D object. We’ve provided everything you need, even suggested ANSWERS and sample definitions. Plenty here to keep your 3D maths sessions full of discussion.

For example, Duffy is wearing a hat shaped like a cone. A cone has one curved surface that meets at a point. It also has one flat surface shaped like a circle. It has no straight edges. It has no corners.

Did you know that corners are formed only when 2 or more straight lines or faces meet. There are no straight edges or faces to form a corner in a cone. The point is created by a curved surface. This point is called an apex.