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3D Objects Activities

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  • Carefully sequenced into Grades F/12, Grades 3/4 and Grades 5/6/7.
  • New files are added regularly so keep dipping in to see what’s there.
  • Please note that ACARA Content Codes have been added where possible. We believe that GEOMETRY contains a very clear progression of skills for your students. The current ACARA Codes do not show this 3D progression clearly.

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Grades F/1/2

  • Sorting 3D Objects ACMMG022

  • 3D Objects Mental Warmup Cards ACMMG009 ACMMG022 NEW

  • 3D Object Language Cards ACMMG009

  • Feel my 3D face ACMMG009 ACMMG022

  • This is what I know about 3D Objects ACMMG022 ACMMG043

  • What 3D Object am I ACMMG022 ACMMG043

Grades 3/4

  • 3D Objects Language Cards ACMMG063

  • 3D Space Spys ACMMG063

  • Discovering Cubes ACMMG063

  • 11 Nets for a CUBE Poster ACMMG063

  • CUBE NET 1 Poster ACMMG063

  • CUBE NET 2 Poster ACMMG063

  • CUBE NET 3 Poster ACMMG063

  • CUBE NET 4 Poster ACMMG063

  • CUBE NET 5 Poster ACMMG063

  • CUBE NET 6 Poster ACMMG063

  • CUBE NET 7 Poster ACMMG063

  • CUBE NET 8 Poster ACMMG063

  • CUBE NET 9 Poster ACMMG063

  • CUBE NET 10 Poster ACMMG063

  • CUBE NET 11 Poster ACMMG063

  • NET 1 Triangular Prism ACMMG063

  • NET 2 Triangular Pyramid ACMMG063

  • NET 4 Cube ACMMG063

  • NET 3 Square Pyramid ACMMG063

  • NET 5 Rectangular Prism ACMMG063

  • What do you know about prisms and pyramids Pre-assessment ACMMG063

Grades 5/6/7

  • 3D Objects Language Cards ACMMG140

  • More 3D Object Language Cards ACMMG111 ACMMG140

  • Exploring my Polyhedron Worksheet ACMMG111 ACMMG140

  • 3D Origami Cube Instructions ACMMG140

  • Piet Hein’s Soma Cube 7 Pieces ACMMG140

  • 3 Cubes 3D Viewpoints ACMMG111 ACMMG140

  • 4 Cubes 3D Viewpoints ACMMG111 ACMMG140

  • 5 Cubes 3D Viewpoints ACMMG111 ACMMG140

  • 6 Cubes 3D Viewpoints ACMMG111 ACMMG140

  • Cone Viewpoints Poster ACMMG111

  • Cylinder Viewpoints Poster ACMMG111

  • PRISMS Viewpoints 8 Posters ACMMG111

  • PYRAMID_DECAGONAL Viewpoints Poster ACMMG111

  • PYRAMID_HEXAGONAL Viewpoints Poster ACMMG111

  • PYRAMID_NONAGONAL Viewpoints Poster ACMMG111

  • PYRAMID_OCTAGONAL Viewpoints Poster ACMMG111

  • PYRAMID_PENTAGONAL Viewpoints Poster ACMMG111

  • PYRAMID_SEPTAGONAL Viewpoints Poster ACMMG111

  • PYRAMID_SQUARE Viewpoints Poster ACMMG111

  • PYRAMID_TRIANGULAR Viewpoints Poster ACMMG111

  • Match my net ACMMG111 ACMMG140

  • 3D Objects Debating Cards ACMMG111 ACMMG140

  • 3D Shapes Follow Me cards ACMMG111 ACMMG140

  • Platonic Net 1 Tetrahedron ACMMG140

  • Platonic Net 2 Hexahedron ACMMG140

  • Platonic Net 3 Isosahedron ACMMG140

  • Platonic Net 4 Dodecahedron ACMMG140

  • Platonic Net 5 Isosahedron ACMMG140

  • Platonic Solids Poster ACMMG140

  • 3D Octahedron Workcards ACMMG140

  • Tesseract Poster ACMMG140