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Time Activities

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  • Carefully sequenced into  Grades F/12, Grades 3/4 and Grades 5/6/7.
  • ACARA Content Code tags for easy reference to Time curriculum requirements.
  • New files are added regularly so keep dipping in to see what’s there.

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Grades F/1/2

  • Calendar 1-step S1 Mental Warmups

  • Time Language F12 ACMMG007

  • Which one takes longer ACMMG007

  • 9 12 3 and 6 oclock ACMMG008

  • Blank Calendar Proforma F123456 ACMMG008

  • Days of the Week Cycle F12 ACMMG008

  • Days of Week Poster F12 ACMMG008

  • Telling oclock Time Match Cards F12 ACMMG008

  • Telling o’clock Time Match Instructions ACMMG008

  • Which day is it? F12 ACMMG008

  • Months of Year Cards F12 ACMMG040

Grades 3/4

  • Who is older ACMMG041 ACMMG085 (7 pages)

  • What do I know TIME Mental Warmups F123456

  • Time Language 34 ACMMG062 ACMMG085

  • TIME 10 Questions based on a Calendar Y34 ACMMG086

  • Blank Vertical Format Calendar Y34 ACMMG086

  • Numberless Clockfaces for Mental Warmups F123456 ACMMG062

  • Numberless Clockfaces small cards F123456 ACMMG062

  • Reading the Time Yellow Watch POSTERS ACMMG062

  • Reading the Time Red Clock POSTERS ACMMG062

  • Mix and Match Time Challenge ACMMG062 ACMMG086

  • Time Follow Me Cards 34 ACMMG062 ACMMG085

  • Time Quick Recall Facts Challenge Year 4 ACMMG086

Grades 5/6/7

  • Time Language 56 ACMMG110 ACMMG139

  • TIME Follow Me Cards Y567 ACMMG110

  • TIME James’ Work Schedule Y567 ACMMG139

  • TIME MULTIPLY MONEY Boatshed Renovations ACMNA100 ACMNA101 ACMMG110 ACMNA123

  • Two Clocks Challenge Y567 ACMMG085

  • What’s the date? Y567 ACMMG086