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Data Activities

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  • Carefully sequenced into Grades F/1/2, Grades 3/4 and Grades 5/6/7.
  • New files are added regularly so keep dipping in to see what’s there.
  • These activities match some of the expected content for ACARA codes ACMSP011, ACMSP049, ACMSP050, ACMSP262, ACMSP263, ACMSP069, ACMSP070, ACMSP096, ACMSP097 and ACMSP119.

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Grades F/1/2

  • Yes No Questions F12 ACMSP011

  • Tally Mark Mental Warmup Cards Y12 ACMSP262

  • Which do you prefer F12 ACMSP011

  • Frog Pond Data Search F12 ACMSP263 ACMSP049 ACMSP050

  • Beetle Bushwalk F12 ACMSP263 ACMSP049 ACMSP050

  • Flower Basket F12 ACMSP263 ACMSP049 ACMSP050

  • Data and P&A Program Summary Proforma

  • What I know about data Y2 Preassessment ACMSP263

Grades 3/4

  • Kitten Capers Column Graphs Y34 ACMSP069 ACMSP096 ACMNA055 ACMSP069 ACMNA073 ACMSP096 ACMMG084

  • Which flavour ice cream Y34 ACMSP068 ACMSP069

  • Ice Cream Data Cards Y34 ACMSP095 ACMSP096

  • Column Graph Mental Warm Up Instructions Y34 ACMSP069 ACMSP070

  • Column Graph Mental Warm Up Cards Y34 ACMSP069 ACMSP070

  • Picture Graphs Mental Warm Up Instructions Y34 ACMSP096

  • Feeding the Chimpanzees many-to-one Picture Graph Y34 ACMSP096

  • Gingerbread Biscuits many-to-one Picture Graph Y34 ACMSP096

  • Spring Yacht Races many-to-one Picture Graph Y34 ACMSP096

  • What I know about data Y3 ACMSP096

  • What I know about data Y4 ACMSP096

Grades 5/6/7

  • What I know about data Pre-assessment Y567 ACMSP119

  • Comparing different types of Graphs Mental Warmup Instructions Y567 ACMSP097

  • 5 Fruits Comparison Graphs Y567 ACMSP097

  • Pie Charts for Mental Warmups Instructions Y567 ACMSP119

  • Sample Pie Charts for mental warmups Y567 ACMSP119

  • GRID square centimetre for constructing column graphs ACMSP096

  • GRID 1 centimetre dots for making your own line graphs ACMSP119

  • Party Hats Data Survey Y567 ACMSP147