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Pre-Assessment Ideas

Varying your assessment strategies

  • Here are suggestions for open-ended pre-assessment tasks, based on the latest ACARA curriculum requirements.
  • Although of relevance for classroom teachers, this section will be especially helpful for the Mathematics Co-ordinators or Maths Improvement Team at your school.


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Number & Algebra

  • What I know about whole numbers 34567

  • Place Value Checklist 1-digit

  • 2-digit Place Value Assessment Activity

  • 2-digit Place Value Student Booklet

  • 3-digit Place Value Assessment Activity

  • 3-digit Place Value Student Booklet

  • 4-digit Place Value Assessment Activity

  • 4-digit Place Value Student Booklet

  • 5-digit Place Value Assessment Activity

  • Addition Mental Strategies Y234 Interview

  • 1 and 2-digit Addition Student Booklet

  • Subtraction Mental Strategies Y234 Interview

  • 1 and 2-digit Subtraction Student Booklet

  • What do I know about Subtraction Pre-assessments

  • Subtraction Y12 Checklist

  • Subtraction Skills Y34 Checklist

  • Subtraction Skills Y567 Checklist

  • Multplication Mental Strategies Y34 Interview

  • Multiplication Student Booklet Y34

  • Division Mental Strategies Year 34 interview

  • Division Quick Recall Facts Checklist Y4

  • Division student booklet Y34

  • I know how to add and subtract CHECKLIST Y234

Measurement & Geometry

  • Chocoholics Lovers Measurement Challenge Y567

  • Length Pre-assessment Y12

  • Length Quiz Y567

  • Area What I need to know about unit iteration Y12

  • Mass – Estimating 1 kg assessment Y34

  • 2D Shapes Pre-assessment Y12

  • 2D Space Pre-assessment Example Y12

  • 2D Shapes – What we know about Hexagons Pre-assessment Y34

  • 2D Shapes Vocab Pre-assessment Y34

  • This is what I know about 3D Objects Y34

  • What do I know about 3D Objects – Prisms & Pyramids Pre-assessment Y567

Statistics & Probability

  • What I know about data Y3 ACMSP096

  • What I know about data Y4 ACMSP096

  • What I know about data Y567

  • Chance Words Pre-assessment Y12

  • Chance Words Pre-assessment Y34

  • Chance Words Pre-assessment Y567

  • Probability Measures Pre-assessment Y567