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Mathematics Improvement Plans

Detailed suggestions for how to plan your Mathematics Staff Development over the whole year

  • This section is a unique feature of our website for the Mathematics Co-ordinators or Maths Improvement Team at your school. We help you structure effective, detailed term by term plans for staff development and professional learning, all based on the latest research in Maths Education from across the world.
  • Here at Maths Matters Resources we can help you find easy and effective ways to improve maths experiences at your school for both teachers and students.
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Term 1

  • Sample Detailed Term 1 Mathematics Improvement Plan

  • Sample Term Overviews Grades F-6

  • Counting & Place Value Sample F-6 start of year interviews

  • CPV Interview F-6 start of year Recording Sheets

  • Term 1 Counting & Place Value suggested whole school event

  • 4 and 5-digits What I know about whole numbers open-ended assessment ACMNA052 ACMNA072

  • Oral Counting Daily Mental Warm-ups Timetable F-6

  • Term 1 Length suggested whole school event

  • T1 Suggested Length Resources Checklist

  • Term 1 3D SPACE suggested whole school event

  • Sample Mathematics Session Structure

  • Elements of an effective Mathematics Session MINDMAP

  • What makes an effective Mathematics Session PPT 1 Handout

  • 1-digit Place Value Checklist F12 ACMNA002

  • 2-digits Place Value Checklist ACMNA013

  • 3-digits Place Value Checklist ACMNA027 ACMNA028

  • 4-digits Place Value Checklist ACMNA072 ACMNA073

  • 5-digits Place Value Checklist ACMNA072 ACMNA073

  • Number Resources ES1 Checklist

  • Number Resources S1 Checklist

  • Number Resources S2 Checklist

  • Number Resources S3 Checklist

Term 2

  • T2 Sample Detailed Term 2 Mathematics Improvement Plan

  • T2 ADD SUBTRACT suggested whole school event

  • T2 ADD SUBTRACT Questions for Whole School Assessment

  • T2 Add Subtract Survey Results Proforma and Instructions

  • Stage 1 Addition Mental Strategy Checkup Interview

  • Stage 1 Subtraction Mental Strategy Checkup Interview

  • T2 Addition Strategies reference booklet for parents

  • T2 AREA Suggested Whole School Event

  • T2 Suggested Area Resources Checklist

  • Stage 2 AREA QUIZ

  • Suggested 2D Space Resources Checklist

  • T2 2D SPACE Suggested whole school event

Term 3/4

  • Y3 2018 NAPLAN ANALYSIS NSW State Results 2018

  • Y5 2018 NSW State Results ANALYSIS NAPLAN Numeracy

  • NAPLAN Numeracy Year 3 ANALYSIS of NSW State Results 2017

  • NAPLAN Numeracy Year 5 ANALYSIS of NSW State Results 2017

  • T3 Sample Detailed Mathematics Improvement Plan

  • T3 MULT DIV Whole School Intervention Strategy

  • MULT DIV T3 Whole School SURVEY Results proforma

  • Stage 2 Multiplication Mental Strategies Checkup Interview

  • Stage 2 Division Mental Strategies Checkup Interview

  • 2-digit x 1-digit Multiplication Minute Masters with instructions

  • T3 POSITION Suggested whole school event

  • T3 Suggested Position Resources Checklist

  • T3 MASS Suggested Whole School Event

  • How to create your Mystery MASS parcels ACMMG006

  • T3 Suggested MASS Resources Checklist

  • T4 Sample Detailed Mathematics Improvement Plan

  • T4 Suggested Volume & Capacity Resources Checklist

  • T4 Suggested Time Resources Checklist

  • AUSTRALIAN Results 2016 NAPLAN Numeracy Year 3

  • AUSTRALIAN Results 2016 NAPLAN Numeracy Year 5

  • AUSTRALIAN Results 2011 NAPLAN Numeracy Year 3