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Staff Reflection Articles

Useful reads for the whole staff

This section is especially helpful for the Mathematics Co-ordinators or Maths Improvement Team at your school. These resources support the service we offer with the suggested Maths Improvement Plans for your school.

  • General Issues includes articles to help you explore The Big Picture at your school.
  • Curriculum Focus includes articles related to teaching Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry, Statistics & Probability.
  • Classroom Practice includes more general articles on pedagogy, the method and practice of teaching.
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General Issues

  • Numeracy A Priority for All

  • AAMT Numeracy Policy

  • AAMT Standards of Excellence

  • Making Good Schools Better CEO Sydney

  • TEMAG Fact Sheet outlining 38 recommendations

Curriculum Focus

  • AUS Review National Curriculum Final-Report

  • What Teachers Need to Know to Teach Maths Derek Hurrell

  • Decimal Number Error Patterns Hong Kong and Australian Students Mun Yin Lai Sara Murray

Classroom Practice

  • Using Questioning & Mathematical Thinking Jenni Way

  • Teaching Technology- Mathematics on the Move- Using Mobile Technology Catherine Attard Maria Northcote

  • Mathematics assessment in primary classrooms- Making it count Rosemary Callingham

  • Pedagogical Content Knowledge Case Study Monica Baker Helen Chick

  • Effective Pedagogy in Mathematics EdPractices 19 Glenda Anthony Margaret Walshaw