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How to grow the best sunflowers

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Growing sunflowers in your school garden is a great way to investigate real-life maths.

Here are some useful hints to help you grow the best flowers:

  • Find a well-drained garden patch.
  • Dig your garden to a depth of about 50 cm.
  • Use a slow release fertilizer like Ozmocote.
  • Sow the 5 seeds in a clump to a depth of 3 cm and cover with soil.
  • Plant each clump 50 cm apart.
  • Water lightly and keep the soil moist.
  • Seedlings should appear in 5 – 10 days.
  • Remove the weaker 1 – 2 plants in each clump when they are about 10 cm tall.
  • Leave just the best 1 – 2 plants in each clump when they are 30 cm tall.
  • If necessary, remove any extra plants to leave just one plant in each original clump at about 50 cm.
  • Enjoy looking after your sunflowers and watching them grow.

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