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MATHS GRAPHICS – CREATURES – Alpaca and friends

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Duffy has been hard at work creating 4 new farm animals for me to use on my new Algebra Animal Antics Level 1 Stage 3 activities. I just flick my fingers and demand a creature, then voila, they suddenly appear ready for all of us to use. He is SOOOO clever! Duffy’s favourite is the alpaca (he knows I love these in real-life too). My favourite is the duck. Which new creature do you like best?

Farm - Foal - John Duffield duffield-design Duck - John Duffield duffield-design Lamb - John Duffield duffield-design


We have also created a set of cute 1-10 Farm Animal Counting posters. You can find these all together in F/1/2 Counting Activities or separately in Counting Graphics.