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Maths Graphics

John Duffield and Lucy Humphrey create the graphics for Maths Matters Resources. Use examples from this collection to enhance every maths session. And to make your life easy they’ve been sorted into specific mathematical sub-strands. Let your imagination fly as you inspire your students to see mathematics all around them. Challenge your students to create and describe the maths possibilities without help from you.

Just click the most suitable coloured button below to view each maths sub-strand graphics gallery.

  • Click here to go to PEOPLE Graphics
  • Click here to go to OBJECT Graphics
  • Click here to go to CREATURES Graphics
  • Click here to go to SPECIAL OCCASIONS Graphics
  • Click here to go to ANCIENT MATHS Graphics

Maths Graphics

Click here to see John Duffield’s informal graphics and Lucy Humphrey’s technical drawings.  Add even more fun and spontaneity to your maths sessions. Effective use of these visual images will make your maths more memorable.

An ever-expanding Resource

We will be continuously adding new photographs so keep diving in and exploring.