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MATHS PHOTOGRAPHS – Creatures – 3 Aussies

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Everyone loves Australian animals. Here are 3 more we have added to our collection – a Brushtail Possum, an Echidna and a Sea Eagle. Use them as part of your daily Mental Maths Warm-ups. Give your students one minute to brainstorm with a partner all the maths facts they already know. About how long or tall might these creatures be? How heavy? How long might they live for? How many babies do they have at one time? Where in Australia might you find them? They can then research individual facts at home to present to the class the next day.

The Sea Eagle, for example, is the second largest raptor in Australia. Males have a mass up to 3.7 kg, and a wingspan up to 2 metres long. Females can be even larger. They live along the coast of Australia, but are also found in China, India, SE Asia, Indonesia and New Guinea. Their nests are sometimes found 30 m off the ground. And they usually move about 50 km away from where they were born. There may be about 100 000 Sea Eagles living in the world. It is also featured on the Singapore $10 000 note and is the emblem for the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles football team.