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MEASUREMENT – GRAPHICS – Time – December/January Calendar

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Yes it’s that time of year again. Only four more weeks until Christmas and the New Year and then a nice holiday break. Here’s Duffy’s festive planner to help motivate your students with their calendar skills for December 2014 and January 2015.

What is the date exactly 2 weeks before Christmas? If my family has booked a holiday on the South Coast for 3 weeks starting on Monday 21 December, what date do we go back home? If I look after a friend’s dog every Saturday for $5 an hour for 3 hours, how many hours do I work in December and January? How much money will I earn? My grandma will be 65 three weeks after Christmas Day, so what is the date of her birthday? Encourage your students to record their own calendar question related to this double calendar and calculate the answer, then put these into a special box and draw out one idea a day to discuss together.