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MEASUREMENT – TIME ACTIVITIES – Mix and Match Time Grades 3/4

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Here is a simple way to practise saying the time in different ways using a wrist watch or an analogue clock. Mix and Match Time Challenge is for 2 or more students.

To start, notice the difference between the shape, size and colour of the hour and minute hands. To read the time correctly you need to see these differences quickly. Focus next on the angles the hands make. Is the hour hand before at or after a number? What does this mean? e.g. If the hour hand is just before a number such as 1 then it is not yet 1 o’clock. Look at the minute hand. Where is it in relation to the 12? If it is just after the twelve? Then that next hour has only just begun. Is it closer to the 6? If so it is almost half past the hour. Has it gone past the 6?

You can also use the large examples of the watch and red analogue clock face Read the Time Flashcards. These are great for Mental maths Warm-ups. Hold up one card at random then brainstorm all the things you know based n this clockface. e.g. 10:15 – one hour later will be 11:15, half an hour before was 9:45, 1 minute later will be 10:16, 2 hours before was 8:15. Encourage your students to create as many time follow-ups as they can, based on this initial time shown on the flashcard.

Later students can practise reading the time using watches and clocks without numbers. It is really only the position of the hands that matter on an analogue clock. Look at our Numberless Clockfaces, also in Time Activities for grades 3/4.