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Mental Warmups

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Mental Maths Warmups are a wonderful way to start every maths session. They are short, efficient, language-based, targeted, relevant activities that up to the whole class can be engaged in at one time. You can spend about 10 minutes every day warming up your students strategic thinking, problem-solving and fact recall.

The funny thing about them is that there are 3 distinct types of Mental Maths Warmups:


These summarise, recall and practise maths concepts you have tackled with your students in a previous year, term or week.


These target maths concepts that your class is studying today or this week or in this unit.


These investigate maths concepts your class may not have been introduced to yet, They are great as a quick pre-assessment check.

Although sample Mental Warmups are scattered throughout our Maths Resources, you can find a large collection of them sorted into specific grade groups in The Maths Session.