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Your students enjoy activities with money as it makes sense to them. Studies show that students often succeed at mental money calculations more than just pen and paper ones. Spend your Money provides a variety of real-life money applications for your Stage 3 students to practice mental calculations with multiplication or pen and paper algorisms. Imagine they are a buyer for a company where they need to purchase up to 10, multiples of 10, 100 or even 1000 products at a time.

There are 4 cards at each level (High Block : 1- digit, Medium Block : 2-digits, Low Block : 3- or 4-digits) to help you plan for at least 3 groups. So there are at least 4 combinations of starting costs e.g. Football Socks $14, Sunflower Plant $23, Concert Ticket $56 or Skateboard $87. Then there are 10 Buy Cards for students, which tell them to multiply by a number from 1 to 9 at random – plenty here to keep 3 small groups working within a Maths Session.

Plus they can create further cards of their own using shopping catalogues. The possibilities are endless.