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How can you use this photograph of 3 limes to enhance your multiplication session with Stage 1 or 2 students? e.g. Grade 2: Copy and paste this photograph to create multiple groups of 3 on an A4 page then enlarge it to A3 as a poster. Use this for your daily counting by 3s. Or copy this page several times then cut out each group of 3 and store in a paper bag. Ask one student to empty it out, then put a group of 3 into a paper bag while they count by 3s aloud. Grades 3 & 4: Ask students to suggest a price for 3 limes. For example, 3 for $2. How many limes can you buy for $10? $20? How much juice is in 1 lime? 3 limes? 10 limes? How many limes will you need to squeeze to make 1 litre of lime juice? What else can you use this photograph for?