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NUMBER & ALGEBRA – Patterns & Algebra – Algebra Animal Antics S3

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What a lot of animals. We’ve tried to help your students understand algebra concepts by substituting animals rather than just a geometric symbol to represent numbers in a number sentence.

Algebra Animal Antics STAGE 3 Level 2 is for your medium block students in Stage 3 (Grades 5/6/7). We’re calling these 2 dot or Level 2, for want of a better description. Each set has 4 cards that create the clues for one number puzzle. There are 4 sets like this to enable each group to practise this idea 4 times before they attempt to create some of their own. Once you (or your students) have photocopied each set and cut out the cards, you’re ready to go. Everything is there to help you, including sample solutions for those students who need the scaffold.

Bev is working on similar P&A cards for 1 dot Level 1 (high block students) and 3 dot Level 3 (low block students) right now. They should be ready some time soon.