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NUMBER & ALGEBRA – PLACE VALUE from 100 PHOTOGRAPHS – 108, 8300 & 8765

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It is always a good time to discuss Place Value with your students. Place Value is one of the biggest ideas in Primary Mathematics. Thanks to the use of Hindu-Arabic numerals and the creation of zero, your students can explore the power of Base 10 in all its beauty.

We just added 3 more number shots to our Place Value from 100 Photographs:

108-house-number-bev-dunbar-maths-mattersnumber-8300-bev-dunbar-maths-matters  number-8765-bev-dunbar-maths-matters

What will your students talk about?

e.g. 8300: What does each digit represent? What does this number look like in Base 10 blocks? How many i the 1s place, 10s place, 100s place, 1000s place? What is the total number of 1s, 10s, 100s, 1000s in this number? What is this number rounded to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 or 10 000? What if I took 1000 away? 5000 away? 8000 away? How many more to make 10 000? 20 000?  What could you buy with this if it was money? If you were a shop owner, how many $100 skateboards could you buy with this amount?

If these are centimetres, how many netres is that? How many kilometres? If these are square metres, how many hectares is that? If these were millilitres, how many litres is that? If these were kilograms, how many tonnes is that? If these are seconds, about how many minutes is that? About how many hours?