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NUMBER & ALGEBRA – PLACE VALUE – Photographs – Truck 808

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Yet another photo to add to our vast place value collection. Numbers all around us. So what will your students do with this one? How does Truck Number 808 link to your maths session? For example, Place Value: How many other palindromic numbers ( the same number written forwards or backwards) are there between 800 and 900? What’s 100 more/less than this number? How many 10s altogether? (80.8) How many 100s? (8.08) 1000s? (0.808) Addition & Subtraction: if I just bought this one and I now own 808 trucks, how many more do I need to buy before I have 1000? Multiplication & Division: If I own 808 trucks, how many different ways can I put them into equal size groups? How many wheels in my fleet if there are 808 trucks and each truck has 12 wheels? If I need 2 drivers on a roster to drive each truck how many drivers do I need to employ?