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Number Games and Activities for 0 – 10

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Number Games and Activities for 0 – 10 is part of the Exploring Maths series for teachers of 5 – 7 year old students. This 86 page book contains 10 easy-to-use, multi-purpose games to help numbers come alive in your classroom. The 10 themes have immediate appeal for young students, who will love manipulating frogs, dogbones and freckles as part of their daily maths activities. Each activity is designed to help students recognise, match and use numbers 0 – 10 in an imaginative way, with follow-up ideas for using numbers 11 – 19. There are also 8 posters showing how to count in other languages. All the illustrations are by Janice Bowles who loves to create happy, characters that will charm your students. Everything is designed to make your teaching life easier. You’ll never run out of ideas again.  For example, your students will love to try “Find a Bone”, “Something Fishy” or “Busy Bees”.

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