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NUMBER & MEASUREMENT – Multiplication and Position Activities (29 pages) – Grades 5/6/7

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Phew. What a mammoth task. We have just uploaded a gigantic 29 pages of resources all based on an imaginary Little Town Shopping Centre. Plenty here for a whole unit of work for pairs of students, small groups, even the whole class. Develop Position Stage 3 skills and understandings by reading maps and directories, locating shops using co-ordinates, length measures and points of the compass. Practise and improve Multiplication & Division skills by calculating shop rentals for a year or a week and see the difference if you rent in the country, up at the mountains, by the seaside or in a big city. Calculate the cost of new floor coverings for your shop using 4 different materials. Which one will better suit your budget? See plenty of large numbers in action plus decimals and money too.