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NUMBER – Place Value Graphics – Winner

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Imagine you won the lottery. What extra good deeds could you do? You can use this latest “Winner” Maths Graphic from Duffy as part of a daily Mental Warm-up, as a focus for counting by 100s or as a stimulus for a lesson about Money.

Did you know that:

  • There are over 170 different currencies in the world today.
  • More Monopoly money than real money is printed each year in the USA – a Monopoly game has $15140.
  • Our word “cent” comes from the Latin word “centum” – a hundred, a hundredth part.
  • Cattle were the first form of money and the Latin word “caput” (head of cattle) eventually became our word “capital” in reference to money.
  • The word “money” evolved from the old Roman goddess Juno Moneta. Roman coins were made in her temple.
  • “Bankrupt” evolved from the medieval Italian “banca rotta” (broken bench). Moneylenders worked at a bench and when they ran out of money the bench was broken.
  • “Pygg” was a type of clay in medieval England. It was used to make jars to store money. Today we have “piggy banks”.
  • Hungary printed the highest denomination banknote in 1946. It was worth 100 quintillion pengoes. That’s 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 (18 zeroes).
  • Obsolete bronze 1 and 2 cent Australian coins were melted down to create the Sydney 2000 Olympics medals.
  • Australia was the first country to produce plastic polymer bank botes that are almost impossible to counterfeit.
  • Fake $50 Australian notes can be discovered by scratching the clear window with a coin. If the star comes off your $50 banknote is a fake.

I wonder what mathematical discoveries and explorations you and your students will make using this graphic?