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I know, I know. Yet another place value number in a real life setting. I just can’t resist them. This one was found on the streets of Morpeth, near Newcastle. Where can your students see numbers around them? What’s the largest number in their street? Is it odd or even? If 2 people live in each house from 1 – 77, how many people is that? What if there are 4 people in each house? 10 people? Could 100 people live in a house like this one? Why? Why not? What number is 100 more than 77? 1000 more? Is there a street in your suburb that has 1000 numbers? Why? Why not? What is the number of the house 3 up from this one on this side of the street? (79, 81, 83) Is there an easy way to work this out?

I am sure there are oodles more place value questions you can ask your students, using this photograph as the stimulus.