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PLACE VALUE ACTIVITIES – Grades 3/4 – Mystery 4-digit numbers

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It’s always a challenge for your students once you move off the straight and narrow path. These 2 activities, Mystery 4-digit numbers, are designed to keep your students thinking. All they need to do is to discover which three 4-digit numbers fit all the given rules. Quite easy if they have their thinking caps on. Plus we include a detailed explanation of one way to work out the matching answers for those students who need more support. Once they get the idea perhaps they can think of other similar challenges themselves.

What if you discover three completely different mystery odd numbers which all have digits that add to 12? (e.g. 1551, 3333 and 5115)

Or three odd numbers where all the digits add to 10? (e.g. 1441, 3223 and 5005)