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Second Shapes and Measurement

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Second Shapes and Measurement is part of the Excel Maths Early Skills series. It is most suitable for a 4 – 5 year old student to use at home. However you can also use it for Early Stage 1 students who have not yet demonstrated understanding of shape and measurement. Through carefully sequenced activities, this 48 page will further your students knowledge of a range of different shapes and ways to measure them. They will compare 2 or more objects by different features, draw a range of different objects, draw positions (e.g. on top, in, under), put events into order and find paths through mazes. There are 48 coloured stickers to use as rewards once students demonstrate their understandings. Laying this foundation will help students become more enthusiastic and competent young mathematicians.  For example, your students will love to try “Drawing one smaller”, “Drawing triangles” or “Finding cones”.

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