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Using the Money Photographs

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Finding suitable money photos to help you and your students create your own real-life maths activities is easy. Out shopping, driving along in the country, in a supermarket., having breakfast in a cafe. And we are regularly adding more, like the 19 new photos from a recent visit to beautiful Morpeth, just outside of Maitland in the Hunter Region. Once you subscribe you can easily download the photos you need. Challenge your students to create their own activities, relevant to your focus for this week.


For example, these Lime Rock boiled lolly jars cost $5.50 each. The 40 lollies in each jar have a total mass of 110 g, so what’s the average mass? How much do you pay for just one lolly? How much will all 5 jars cost? If I want to put 5 pieces in a party bag for my birthday guests, how many jars do I need to buy if I am expecting 20 people?

What shape is each jar? Why would it be this shape? How much glass would be needed? Why select glass and not a cardboard box? If you design a box to hold 40 lolly pieces, what shape would you make it? Why? If these jars come in a large cardboard box that holds 60 jars, is it too heavy for you to carry safely?

What else can you invent with your students?