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Creating your own class book about Geometry

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The English mathematician Grace Chisholm Young was born on 15 March 1868. She received a 1st class degree in mathematics from Cambridge Uni and was the first woman to sit for and then outperform all the male students at Oxford Uni. Grace studied under the famous mathematician Felix Klein at Gottingham Uni in Germany, one of the most prestigious universities at that time. Later, with her husband, Grace wrote “A First Book of Geometry” on paper folding for children (1905). Together with her husband she wrote 220 articles about mathematics. They wanted to share their mathematical ideas with as many people as possible.

What if your students created their own book about geometry? What topics would they select? How would they illustrate it? Would they work on one book for the whole class or perhaps create a book in pairs? How many pages would it have?

Part of working mathematically is recording what you know and presenting it in a way that other people can read about your ideas.

Try to create at least one class book about mathematical concepts each term. You could lend your class book to other classes in the school and ask them for feedback too.