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  • The word Geometry comes from two old Greek terms – geo (the earth) and metron (to measure). It has been studied and developed over thousands of years.
  • Geometry is an important strand of Mathematics in the Primary School. It is the study of the size, shape, pattern and position of 3D objects and 2D shapes.
  • Geometric reasoning is used daily in a wide range of human activities, including building structures, making machines, navigating directions, measuring and art and craft.
  • Spatial visualisation is an important everyday skill that helps you estimate, see patterns, imagine and manipulate visual images in your mind. This skill also supports our understanding in the other major stands of Mathematics – Number & Algebra, Measurement and Statistics & Probability.
  • This section of the Maths Matters Resources website contains links to all the Geometry sub-strands. You’ll find a huge collection of K – 6 targeted classroom activities, maths photographs and maths graphics. All the classroom activities are sorted into 3 age groups for easy access in your lesson planning: Grades F/1/2 (5 – 7 year old students), Grades 3/4 (8 – 9 year old students) and Grades 5/6/7 (10 – 12 year old students).
  • Which Geometry sub-strand are you planning to teach? Are you looking for activities, photographs or graphics? Or all three? Once you click on one of the blue buttons above, you’ll have access to whatever you need. If you want to go back to this page just click on the green Geometry part of the coloured bar above the picture.