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Number & Algebra

  • Number & Algebra is a major strand of the Primary Mathematics curriculum in countries across the world. This section of the Maths Matters Resources website contains links to every Number & Algebra sub-strand. You’ll find a huge collection of K – 6 targeted classroom activities, maths photographs and maths graphics. All the classroom activities are sorted into 3 age groups for easy access in your lesson planning: Grades F/1/2 (5 – 7 year old students), Grades 3/4 (8 – 9 year old students) and Grades 5/6/7 (10 – 12 year old students).
  • Which Number & Algebra sub-strand are you planning to teach? Are you looking for activity files, photographs or graphics? Or all three? Once you click on one of the orange buttons above, you’ll have access to whatever you need. If you want to go back to this page just click on the green Number & Algebra part of the coloured bar above the picture.
  • Numbers represent one of the greatest intellectual discoveries and creations of humankind. In the primary school, we usually use a Base 10 counting system, developed from a 6th century number system in India, which was later brought to Europe by the Arab traders, mathematicians and scientists. Using just 10 digits, we can write and manipulate numbers of any size. In particular, it was the adoption 500 years ago of “0” to represent “nothing” that allowed us to extend our understandings of our universe. And it is just 0 and 1 that allows our computers to calculate and perform their amazing tasks today.
  • The focus on mental strategies enables us to use number sense in our daily calculations and not just rely on technological devices or pen and paper to work things out. Estimation skills are equally important as calculation skills, similar to the focus on spatial visualisation skills in Geometry.