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Exploring Money

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Exploring Money is a companion to the other books in the Exploring Maths series and is suitable for teachers of 5 – 7 year old students. Money is a maths topic familiar to all students. You discuss it as part of your class routines and news, when you calculate the total collected for a favourite charity, a special excursion or lunch costs at the school canteen. This 94 page book contains over 30 action-packed suggestions for developing skills in recognising, naming, matching and using coins and notes in fun, practical ways. The flexible, open-ended activities range from simple to challenging to help you cater for different ability groups. The book is divided into sequenced units, packed with photocopiable playing cards, activity cards and reusable worksheets for small groups or a whole class to explore for at least a week at a time. For example, your students will love to try “Which is worth more?”, ‘Cash Registers” or “Change Challenges”.

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