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Exploring the days of the week in other cultures

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Where do the names come from? What is the origin of our days of the week?

The moon travels around the earth in 7 day cycles as a new moon, half moon, three quarters moon and full moon. Most cultures in the world name a 7 day cycle.

Our Sunday of course is named after the Sun.

Then comes the Moon for Monday ( Moon Day).

Tuesday is derived from Tyr’s Day. Tyr was the god of single combat in old Norse mythology.

Wodin (or Odin) was the greatest Scandinavian God, the ruler of Asgard. Wodin’s Day became Wednesday in English.

Thursday gets its name from Thor, the ancient Scandinavian god of thunder. Thor’s Day became Thursday in English. Thor was the son of Wodin.You can see Thor, the god of thunder, with his hammer in this painting.

Friday gets its name from Wodin’s wife Frigg, so Frigg’s Day became our Friday.

And Saturday comes from Saturn’s Day, named by the Romans who believed the planet Saturn controlled the first hour of that day.

How do other cultures name their days? This will be a great Measurement activity for your students.