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Fractions Decimals Percentages PHOTOGRAPHS – Discount Signs

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Shopping is a fantastic way to talk about real-life mathematics. These 4 Shopping Discount signs can be used in a multitude of ways in your classroom. For example, use a real store catalogue with one of these signs. What is the current price? What will it be with another 40% off? What strategy will you use to work this out? Is there more than one way? Does one strategy work better than another for you?

Or use one of our 1000s of maths photographs and allocate a range of prices for these items. Next select one of the shopping discount photographs and discuss what this means. Will the prices be higher or lower with this discount? Is it more than half price of less than half price?

Or your students can draw their own shopping items and then allocate prices. Swap drawings with a partner, select a shopping discount and work out the sale prices for each item.