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GEOMETRY – 2D SHAPES – Photographs – 90 degree parking sign

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Parking signs like this 90 degree angle parking sign can be found on many streets. A great way to discuss both 2D angles and Position/Location with your students. Why do we sometimes park side on to the curb, front on, rear end to the curb. What are the advantages and disadvantages of parking at a 90 degree angle to the curb? What other angles are possible? Which parks take up more room on a street? If you were a member of the local council, which parking sign would you like to see in your area? Look at the other parts of this sign. What does 4P mean? Why is there a time included? What does the green arrow facing to the left mean?  All of these questions are examples of the sort of discussion you can have as part of your daily mental warm-up. Or of course as part of a unit on 2D angles.