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GEOMETRY – 3D PHOTOGRAPHS – Edible Triangular Prism

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How many 3D objects can your students name that are delicious to eat? Here is a slice of lemon tart from Tillerman’s Restaurant at Tea Gardens. Yum. It is definitely an edible 3D object. What is the mathematical name of this object? Can you describe at least 3 properties or facts about this object? e.g.The top and bottom (the bases) have the same shape, (a triangle), the sides are rectangular, two slices side by side still look like a triangular prism (just wider).

What shape are student sandwiches? What shape could these be? How can you describe fruit that your students bring to school? Students could also investigate the 3D Objects they discover for dinner tonight. You could then draw and graph the objects the next day to find out which object is the most common edible 3D dinner object.