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GEOMETRY – 3D SYMMETRY Photographs – Emperor Gum Moth

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Oh my goodness. The beauty of our large Emperor Gum Moths, found in Australia and parts of New Zealand. This photograph is a close-up of a male Emperor Gum Moth from Hawks Nest NSW. Males have these feathery antennae. Their scientific name is Opodiphthera eucalypti as the caterpillars spin their cocoons mainly on gum trees. It can take up to a year or even up to five years for the adult moth to hatch from the cocoon and then it lives for only a few weeks. The wing span is up to 150 mm. Their wings have 4 “eyes in a symmetrical pattern. And look at the beautifully symmetrical antennae.

You can see another huge moth in the Maths Matters Resources Length Photographs (this is the giant Atlas Moth with a 25 cm wingspan).