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Fractions & Decimals Activities

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  • Carefully sequenced into  Grades F/12, Grades 3/4 and Grades 5/6/7.
  • ACARA Content Code tags for easy reference to Fractions & Decimals curriculum requirements.
  • New files are added regularly so keep dipping in to see what’s there.

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Grades F/1/2

  • What does a half look like – ACMNA016

  • Counting Apple Halves FRACTION POSTER ACMNA016 ACMNA033

  • Counting Orange Halves POSTER ACMNA016 ACMNA033

  • Counting Pear Halves Fraction POSTER – F/1/2 ACMNA016 ACMNA033

  • Halves Number Lines – Fractions F/1/2 ACMNA016 ACMNA033

  • Counting Apple Quarters POSTER ACMNA033

  • Felt Board Fractions – F/1/2 ACMNA032 ACMNA033

  • Quarters Number Lines – Fractions F/1/2 ACMNA033

  • Guess Draw Match Sort Fractions Cards – F/1/2 ACMNA032 ACMNA033

  • Counting Lemon Eighths FRACTION POSTER ACMNA033

Grades 3/4

  • Pizza Slices Challenge ACMNA077 ACMNA125 3456

  • 12 Ideas for using Fractions Number Lines ACMNA058

  • Colour my Fractions Pies ACMNA058

  • Fifths Number Lines – Fractions ACMNA058 ACMNA077

  • Find equivalent fractions ACMNA058 ACMNA077 ACMNA079 ACMNA125

  • Fraction Angle Maker ACMNA058 ACMNA078

  • Fractions Number Cards ACMNA058 ACMNA078

  • Fractions Spinners ACMNA058 ACMNA078

  • Fractions Stage 2 and 3 Mental Warm-ups ACMNA058 ACMNA078

  • Fractions YES NO warmups ACMNA058 ACMNA078

  • Hundredths Grids – Fractions ACMNA079

  • Improper Fractions ACMNA079

  • Make 4 wholes – Fractions ACMNA079

  • Mental Warmup Halves Mouse Cards – Fractions ACMNA078

  • Sixths Number Lines – Fractions ACMNA077

  • Small Fraction YES NO cards ACMNA058 ACMNA078

  • Counting Banana Quarters Fraction POSTER ACMNA058 ACMNA078

  • Counting Pizza Quarters Fraction POSTER ACMNA058 ACMNA078

  • Spin and Make – Fractions ACMNA078

  • Tenths Number Lines – Fractions ACMNA077 ACMNA079

  • Fraction Cake Thirds Posters ACMNA058 ACMNA077

  • Thirds Number Lines – Fractions ACMNA058 ACMNA077

  • Equivalence SNAP – Fractions ACMNA077

  • Where’s the half cut and fold – Fractions ACMNA058

  • Colour my Decimal Pies ACMNA077

  • Decimal Number Cards ACMNA079

  • Decimal Number Expanders ACMNA079

  • Tenths Decimal Number Lines ACMNA079

  • Tenths Decimal Spinners ACMNA079

Grades 5/6/7

  • s3-fractions-questions-16-pages-acmna103

  • Cutting up a sandwich ACMNA058

  • Sliced Bread Mental Warm Up Money & Decimals ACMNA102

  • Comparing Halves ACMNA077

  • Eighths Number Lines – Fractions ACMNA077 ACMNA102

  • Fraction Mental Warm-up number cards ACMNA126

  • Fractions Risk It ACMNA126

  • How many apples Fraction Puzzle ACMNA125

  • Make it 3 – Fractions ACMNA102

  • Twelfths Number Lines – Fractions 5/6/7

  • If this is one unit Fraction Cards ACMNA103 – 11 pages

  • 6 Ways to use Counting Halves Fractions POSTER ACMNA126

  • Counting Orange Eighths FRACTIONS POSTER – 5/6/7

  • FRACTIONS Mental Warmups Y456 ACMNA078 ACMNA079

  • Decimal Number Cards ACMNA079 ACMNA105

  • Decimal Number Lines ACMNA079 ACMNA105

  • Decimals Number Line Sort ACMNA125

  • Decimals Number Stretch ACMNA125

  • Rhino 1-place Decimal Counts PURPLE ACMNA079 ACMNA105 ACMNA128

  • 2-place Decimal Number expanders ACMNA079 ACMNA105 ACMNA128

  • Rhino 2-place Decimal Counts PINK ACMNA079 ACMNA105 ACMNA128

  • Rhino Maths Facts ACMNA079 ACMNA105 ACMNA128

  • Can you name it division and decimal remainders activity ACMNA129

  • Decimal Risk it ACMNA103