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Chance Activities

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  • Carefully sequenced into  Grades F/1/2, Grades 3/4 and Grades 5/6/7.
  • ACARA Content Code tags for easy reference to Chance curriculum requirements.
  • New files are added regularly so keep dipping in to see what’s there.

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Grades F/1/2

  • Chance Words Pre-assessment F12 ACMSP047

  • Chance Language Cards F12 ACMSP047

  • Feed Fido F12 ACMSP024

  • Monkey Business F12 ACMSP024

  • Will it happen Farm animals Y12 ACMSP024

  • Will it happen Language Cards Y12 ACMSP024

Grades 3/4

  • Chance Words Pre-assessment Y34 ACMSP092

  • Chance Language Cards Y34 ACMSP092

  • Catchy Card Capers Y34 ACMSP092

  • Crazy Coin Contests Y34 ACMSP094

  • Daring Dice Deeds Y34 ACMSP094

  • Is it very likely Y34 ACMSP092

  • That’s impossible Y34 ACMSP092

  • Chance Words Pre-assessment B Y34 ACMSP092

Grades 5/6/7

  • Probability Measures Pre-assessment Y567 ACMSP144

  • Chance Language Cards Y567 ACMSP146

  • Are you Psychic Y567 ACMSP146

  • Chance Spinners Y34567 ACMSP116

  • Hex the dice Y567 ACMSP145

  • Which way up Y567 ACMSP144

  • Measuring Probability Y567 ACMSP144