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Maths Celebrations

Celebrations help everyone, students, teachers and parents focus on  “Maths is Fun”

  • This section helps the Mathematics Co-ordinator or the Maths Improvement Team at your school structure effective Maths Fun Days and other Maths Celebrations to keep maths at the forefront of what is happening at your school.
  • If you are following our Maths Improvement plans you’ll know that we suggest one Number, one Measurement and one Geometry sub-strand as the focus for teach school term.


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Term 1

  • Term 1 Length suggested whole school event

  • T1 3D SPACE Suggested whole school event

Term 2

  • T2 2D SPACE Suggested whole school event

  • T2 AREA Suggested Whole School Event

Term 3/4

  • T3 MASS Suggested Whole School Event

  • T3 POSITION Suggested whole school event