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Staff Meeting Examples

Everything you need to get you started

This section is a major feature of our website. It is especially helpful for the Mathematics Co-ordinators or Maths Improvement Team at your school. These resources support the service we offer with the suggested Maths Improvement Plans for your school. Each powerpoint presentation is ready to use immediately.

  • General Strategies PPTs help you structure effective organisation and pedagogy Staff Meetings. Bev’s suggestions are embedded into each PPT slide as detailed notes, plus handouts to match.  
  • Curriculum Focus PPTs include detailed notes below each slide and any handouts you need for tackling Staff Meetings on Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry, Statistics & Probability.
  • Maths Moments PPTs usually include just 1 – 2 slides, detailed notes and any handouts you need for tackling just one focus topic for no longer than 10 minutes at a Staff Meeting. So easy.
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General Strategies

  • Sample Cover Page for your F-6 Maths Prof Dev Folder

  • How to use 10 strategies to facilitate effective change Maths Leadership Workshop PPT

  • 10 Strategies Maths Leadership Workshop PPT (15 slides with full notes)

  • STRATEGY 1 Wall Display centrepiece

  • STRATEGY 1a Handout Small Cards – 10 Strategies to facilitate sustained changes in Mathematics Teaching

  • STRATEGY 1b Handout Large Cards – 10 Strategies to facilitate sustained changes in Mathematics Teaching

  • STRATEGY 4 Maths Resources K-6 Substrand Checklist

  • STRATEGY 4 Sample Space K-6 Resource Lists

  • STRATEGY 5 Sample Detailed Mathematics Improvement Plan

  • STRATEGY 6a Sample Term Overview Proformas

  • STRATEGY 6b Reflecting on your Term Overviews

  • STRATEGY 6c Sample Term Overviews F-6

  • STRATEGY 7a Cards – In my Maths Sessions I will

  • STRATEGY 7b HANDOUT In my Maths Session I will

  • Programming in Mathematics PPT (12 slides with full notes)

  • Programming in Maths PPT Slide 5 HANDOUT Activity Questions

Curriculum Focus

  • 2D Hexagon Staff Workshop

  • 2D Hexagons Slide 4 Outline

  • 2D Hexagons Slide 14 1 cm GRID paper

  • 2D Hexagons Slide 16 – Fractured Hexagon ACTIVITY

  • Space Language PPT (14 slides with full notes)

  • Space Language Slide 2 post-it note summary

  • Space Language Slide 4 Worksheet

  • Space Language Slide 7 Handout – 2D Triangle and Oblong Research

  • Space Language Slide 11 ACARA Position Outcomes

  • Space Language Slide 11 NSW Board of Studies Position Outcomes

  • T1 Counting Place Value Staff Meeting PPT (11 slides with full notes)

  • T1 CPV Staff Meeting HANDOUT 1

  • T1 CPV Staff Meeting HANDOUT 2

  • T1 CPV Counting Key Concepts HANDOUT 3

  • T1 CPV Place Value Key Concepts HANDOUT 4

Maths Moments

  • Maths Moments – Chipping away with real-life 3D resources PPT

  • Maths Moments – Whats that LENGTH Resource PPT

  • Maths Moments – Blockages PPT

  • Maths Moments – Mental Warm-ups PPT

  • Maths Moments – Chocolate Maths Warmup Sub-strand Challenge PPT

  • Chocolate Maths Warmup 17 Strands Checklist

  • Maths Moments – Something I love about teaching Maths PPT

  • Something I love about teaching Maths Proforma

  • Maths Moments – What Id like to buy PPT

  • Maths Moments – Whats my most effective assessment strategy PPT

  • Maths Moments – Most Difficult in 2D Space PPT

  • 2D Space Snowflake Proforma

  • Maths Moments – Difficulties when teaching decimals PPT

  • Maths Moments – Where to store resources