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Whole School Assessment

Identify baseline data to inform your planning

This section will be especially helpful for the Mathematics Co-ordinators or the Maths Improvement Team at your school. We have suggestions to help you structure effective “home-made” Whole School Assessment to support data you collect from NAPLAN, PAT Maths or any other major assessment reference materials. These enable you to take effective ‘snap-shots’ of current mathematical understanding at your school.


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Number & Algebra

  • Counting & Place Value Sample F-6 start of year interviews

  • Counting & Place Value Interview F-6 start of year Recording Sheets

  • What I know about whole numbers 34567

  • T2 ADD SUBTRACT Questions for Whole School Assessment

  • T2 Add Subtract Survey Results Proforma and Instructions

  • Stage 1 Addition Mental Strategy Checkup Interview

  • Stage 1 Subtraction Mental Strategy Checkup Interview

  • What do I know about Subtraction Pre-assessments

  • Multiplication Mental Strategies Stage 2 Checkup 3/4 ACMNA075

  • Division Mental Strategies Stage 2 Checkup

  • T3 MULT DIV Whole School Intervention Strategy

  • MULT DIV T3 Whole School SURVEY Results proforma

Measurement & Geometry

Statistics & Probability