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Looking for mathematics everywhere

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One of the benefits of being a Maths Matters Resources subscriber is you have legal access to 1000s of specifically targeted mathematical photographs. Of course you might use these as part of a non-maths lessons but we try to provide a wide selection of photos from across the world that will enhance your maths sessions in particular. Yesterday we visited the Botanical Gardens and even though this was our third visit for the year, it still provided us with a new selection of 2D patterns and 3D objects. Maths can be seen all around us, you only have to look.

Ginger flower - look down view - Bev Dunbar Maths Matters2016 Garden Bed Bev Dunbar Maths MattersCactus - look down view - Bev Dunbar Maths MattersAquilegia flower symmetry Bev Dunbar Maths Matters