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Peas, glorious peas. Here is Duffy’s latest graphic – 500 g Peas.

  • Did you know that peas have been around since at least 4800 BC (Egypt)? How long ago is this? How many different ways can you work it out?
  • The average mass of just one pea is between 0.1 and 0.36 g. How can your students verify this information? What different strategies can they suggest?
  • This graphic shows a 500 g bag of frozen peas.How much might they cost? Is it cheaper to buy a 1 kg pack? Are baby peas more or less expensive than normal size peas? How many peas might be in a 500 g pack? What’s a quick way to estimate this?
  • 95% of peas are sold frozen. Why would this be? What are the advantages? Disadvantages?
  • Each year a town in Suffolk, UK, celebrates a Pea Festival. What would your students create as a festival event?