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MATHS PHOTOGRAPHS – Creatures – 4 fish

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Here are 4 funny ceramic fish to inspire your students to explore sea creature maths – use them for counting, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. So many mathematical uses.

See how we have used these to make Fish Patterns for Early Stage 1 students, 11 pages of Patterns and Algebra activities. Create your own patterns using all the individual fish. Or use a Fish Pattern card to copy and continue a pattern. Talk about it with your partner – what fish comes first? second? third? How do you know what the pattern looks like? How will you continue it? What fish doesn’t belong in this pattern?

You can also use the Pattern Shape cards with the individual cut out fish and students who are ready for a bigger challenge. What fish might each shape represent? Can you find a match to the Fish Pattern cards? Why do you think there is or os not a match?

Of course your students can also create their own fish pattern and shape pattern cards for other pairs or small groups of students to use.